Most of us will gain a little weight during the cooler months of the year. On average we'll see about 5 pounds added to our waistlines, as we say goodbye to many outdoor activities and those more revealing clothes.

I recently read an article recently that said September is the second fattest month of the year! December is first.

The two fattest days of the week are as follows:

  1. Saturday
  2. Sunday

So maybe put an exercise schedule together that includes 30 to 45 minutes of exercise on the weekends.

When it comes to food, we all have our guilty pleasures. I’ll confess that I like the jumbo peanuts in the shell, and I’ll crack them open, bag after bag, all winter.

I also like an occasional dozen hot wings, although I try to limit them because I know they’re really really bad for you.

One thing most of us can do is set goals in the colder months to work out and eat right most of the time. Perhaps use the vision of looking better when summer comes around again and you’re wearing shorts and a tank top, or ladies, a bikini.

My wife and I are remodeling a room in our basement to keep some workout equipment. We hope to use this on a regular basis during the winter.

The big thing about the aging process is taking care of our bodies, so that we have less problems in our senior years (which are quickly approaching).

Now put down that cupcake and do some sit-ups! Here are a few workout videos for beginners.