Here it is May 9th and I have the heater on in my office. What the hell? I mean my office is always cold and I would rather it be cooler than hot but this is nuts.


If you log onto Facebook all you see is people complaining about the weather lately and rightfully so.


The average high temperature in Binghamton for May is 65 degrees with average lows around 46. I was golfing with long johns on last night. When I was driving in this morning it was 33 degrees.


I know our weather changes all the time around here but when it got up close to 70 degrees in February I was hoping it was going to be an early, warm spring. I guess I was wrong.


We haven’t seen the sun much lately either. Along with the clouds, we've had a ton of rain and that wild storm that came through last Monday and another wind storm on Friday. We will see the sun tomorrow and Thursday before the chance of rain returns for the weekend and right through Monday with temperatures struggling to break 60. Whenever it's cloudy or rainy, I feel tired and worn out.


I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for it to be sunny and 75 on a regular basis.

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