John Krasinski is back at it again with another episode of his YouTube blog series “Some Good News,” a weekly talk show dedicated to highlighting positivity amidst this global pandemic. Last week, he brought on Steve Carrell to reminisce on The Office’s 15th anniversary. This week, Krasinski talked to a young girl named Aubrey, whose ninth birthday was supposed to be spent seeing her all-time favorite show, Hamilton. When that couldn’t happen due to nationwide stay-at-home orders, Krasinski knew just who to call. Aubrey spent her birthday watching Mary Poppins Returns instead, so naturally he felt a visit from Emily Blunt (Mary Poppins and John’s real-life wife) would do the trick.

When her reaction to Blunt was pleasant but not completely thrilled, Krasinski and Blunt pulled out the big guns. A “surprise” Zoom call revealed Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator and original star of Hamilton. Audrey’s segment starts at the 8:30 mark, and her reaction to seeing Miranda is priceless:

There’s some friendly rival banter between Miranda and Krasinski — when Miranda asks Aubrey if she’s even seen The Office, she replies that she hasn’t but is a fan of the memes. Then, Miranda takes the whole thing one step further by inviting other cast members from Hamilton to the Zoom call to perform the opening number “Alexander Hamilton,” Aubrey’s favorite from the show. For the amount of players involved, it’s incredible just how well the performance is executed. There’s no glitches or lagging, and if you close your eyes you can pretend you’re in a Broadway theater.

The rest of the episode features a bunch of delightful snippets showing the best of humanity during this worldwide crisis. Clocking in at around 17 minutes, “Some Good News” is an uplifting way to set the tone for your week.

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