This was a very sad day for the world of rock-n-roll in 2002. It was on that day, John Entwistle passed away. He was only 57.

Born in 1944, Chiswick England, John was the brilliant musician behind the bass guitar and a member of The Who. Not only was John an excellent bass guitarist, he excelled as a vocalist and songwriter among many other talents. Many rock-n-roll artists were influenced by the life and talent of John Entwistle.

In addition to the many Who albums he was a part of, John recorded seven studio albums, two live albums and two compilation albums. Unfortunately, he had no singles success on the charts.

His death came far too early. John Entwistle passed away in a Las Vegas hotel on July 27th, 2002. The cause of death was reported as a heart attack.

For this week's Classic Rock Pick of the Week, let's honor John Entwistle with this short tribute to one of the greatest bass guitarist ever.