Former Motley Crue singer John Corabi will release an autobiography titled Horseshoes and Hand Grenades on June 14, 2022.

In its official description, the book promises to chronicle the rocker’s “life from the mean streets of Philadelphia to the Sunset Strip.” The memoir will feature stories from Corabi’s time in Motley Crue, Union, Ratt and the Dead Daisies, as well as personal tales including “his parents difficult divorce, his family’s dark history of abuse, (and) his run-in with a serial killer.”

Historian and author Paul Miles, who has penned several books about Motley Crue, was the one who urged Corabi to bring his story to the masses.

"Paul talked to me about doing a book, which I really didn't want to do in the beginning," the singer admitted during an appearance on the 80's Glam Metalcast [as transcribed by Blabbermouth]. "But he said, 'You know what, dude? You're just one of these guys that, like, even though you kind of had a few chapters in 'The Dirt', you're largely a mystery. There's not a lot of stuff that people know about you. And I think your story is pretty fascinating.' So I was, like, 'Okay. Whatever. We'll do the book.'”

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades had originally been planned for release in April before having the date pushed back to June. The memoir will also come with an accompanying vinyl album, featuring exclusive music.

Corabi was hired in 1992 to replace Motley Crue’s original singer, Vince Neil. The band’s 1994 self-titled LP was the only studio album with Corabi at the helm. After it failed commercially, the group reunited with Neil in 1997.

Recently, Corabi expressed disappointment with the way he was portrayed in the Motley Crue biopic The Dirt.

"The portrayal in the movie, it was pathetic,” the rocker declared, adding he was "insulted" by how his tenure with the band was represented. "And I'm, like, you know, dude? If you're gonna be a fucking asshole about it, whoever's choice it was to put that in there… At the end of the day, I didn't appreciate it."

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