Joe Walsh thinks too much emphasis has been placed on presidential politics. In fact, he's far more focused on local races than on what's happening nationally.

"I don't think it matters who's president," he told Rolling Stone. "You know what matters? Voting. Not so much voting for the president. What matters is voting for where you live: Who's your mayor, who's your police chief, who represents you, your city council, your judges. That matters that you vote."

And he won't be pulling a lever for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

"Here's my problem: Hillary Clinton has been found grossly negligent of classified information – period," the Eagles guitarist said. "She should not have any security clearance. That should be taken away from her. Anyone else in the country who did what she did would be stripped of all security clearance. How is she going to be president? That's a technical foul that makes her not a candidate. She's disqualified. That's what I see."

Then there's Trump. "Donald is – I don't know," Walsh said. "It's like taking all your money and going up on the roof and going 'wheeee!' Who knows?"

The only candidate Walsh seems to connect with is Bernie Sanders, who rode a sweeping change message to a second-place finish behind Clinton in the Democratic primary. "Bernie has a great look at it," Walsh noted. "I mean, people think he's a kook. People don't like what he is saying because it's the truth and, you know, we are pretending – we're just pretending everything is okay."

That leaves Walsh to take a personalized approach when it comes to elections. "I am not for any existing [presidential] candidate," he said. "But I sure am going to vote on who the judges are where I live – because I may have to go talk to them sometime."

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