The guitar Jimi Hendrix played at the Monterey Pop Festival is going to auction.

According to TMZ, the Black Pepper Fender Stratocaster the guitarist played most of his career-making show on will go up for grabs on June 17. Heritage Auctions is handling the sale in Beverly Hills, where the famous instrument is starting at a $500,000 asking price. Experts expect the auction to reach at least $750,000.

But wait a second, you're probably thinking. Didn't Hendrix torch the guitar after making sweet, sweet love to it onstage? No way the instrument survived that kind of abuse. Hendrix played the majority of his Monterey set in 1967 on the Strat that's up for sale, but before the climatic "Wild Thing" ending, where it went up in flames as Hendirx smashed it into pieces, the instrument was swapped out for the one that was left broken and charred.

The burned guitar was reportedly sold for almost $380,000 in 2012.

TMZ says a private collector from the U.K. currently owns the non-burned guitar and is now ready to part with it -- right in the middle of the three-day Monterey Pop Festival's 50th anniversary. The site says the instrument is still stringed to accommodate the left-handed Hendrix, and includes scratches from his belt. And apparently you can still play the thing if you want to.

Hendrix took the stage of the Monterey Pop Festival in California on the final day, June 18, with his band the Experience. They had released their debut album, Are You Experienced, just a month before. Their nine-song set featured songs from the LP, as well as covers of "Wild Thing," Howlin' Wolf's "Killing Floor" and Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone."

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