Jefferson Starship may be headed to a concert venue near you.

Later this month, the group is set to embark on its Carry the Fire tour — a run of shows named in honor of bandleader Paul Kantner, who died last January. As singer Cathy Richardson notes in the press release announcing the new shows, the band's continued existence stands in tribute to Kantner — and former Jefferson Airplane/Starship singer Grace Slick, who granted the current lineup a lifetime license to use the Jefferson Starship name upon Kantner's death.

"A family doesn't break up when a loved one dies, they grieve and they remember and they carry on," said Richardson. "We do it for Paul, and for Grace, as much as we do it for ourselves, and especially for the fans for whom this music means so much. We do it for the kids who are just discovering the music now."

For singer and multi-instrumentalist David Freiberg, the group's continued activity is also a reflection of just how timely its classic songs remain — for better and for worse. "Here we are, now 50 years after the Summer of Love, for all the progress we've made as a society, watching the pendulum swing backwards, toward divisiveness devoid of compassion," said Freiberg. "It's more important than ever for us to keep playing, to keep that revolutionary spirit alive and, as Paul said, carry the fire, to shine light where there is darkness. It's why we picked up guitars and started singing in the first place."

As previously reported, Jefferson Starship's Carry the Fire tour was preceded by a concert special and interview aired on the Audience Network. Check your local listings for dates and times of repeat airings, and visit the band's website for ticket details.

Jefferson Starship Carry the Fire Tour Dates
3/24 - Bonita Springs, FL (Southwest Florida PAC)
3/25 - West Palm Beach, FL (The Bowery)
3/26 - Key West, FL (Key West Theater)
4/01 - New Port Richey, FL (Sims Park Amphitheatre)
5/06 - Hopkins, MN (Hopkins Center)
5/26 - San Juan Capsitrano, CA (the Coach House)
5/27 - Topenga, CA (Topenga Days)
7/14 - Kettering, OH (Fraze Pavilion)
7/15 - Lakeside, OH (Hoover Auditorium)
8/26 - Billings, MT

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