If you've been driving around in your car the last few weeks and have repeatedly had that conversation with yourself about how bad you need to buy a "new to you" car, experts are now saying this month is the month to do it.

If you've been putting off the purchase of a "new to you" car it's time to pull the trigger if you want to get the best deal according to the website I See Cars. They put together a study to see when us consumers can score the best deal when buying a used car and the good news is they came to the conclusion that January is when will score the best ones.

To find the best time to buy, the website went back at analyzed some 32 million used car sales and compared specific times of the year including holidays and months of the year, as well as days of the month and week, to come up with when we would be able to find more or fewer deals than average. A deal is a car with at least 5% off sticker.

The study shows that in January there are 29% more deals than average which is great thing if your getting a car this month. Next month (February) came in second with 22% and December came in third.

A lot of us always think around the holidays is a great time to buy, but the website says that holiday's aren't always a good time to buy, with the exception of Martin Luther King Jr Day, January 18th. On that date you can expect to see 39% more deals than average.

As far as when NOT to expect a good deal, they said that the Fourth of July is the worst holiday to buy on because there are 19% FEWER deals than average.

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