Jack White released a self-directed video for “Fear of the Dawn,” the title track of his upcoming album.

The LP, out April 8, is the first of two arriving this year, with Entering Heaven Alive set for July 22. You can watch the "Fear of the Dawn" clip below.

In a January interview with ALT 98.7 FM, White contrasted the two records and detailed how they took shape.

Fear of the Dawn is really hard — lots or really hard-hitting tracks like ‘Taking Me Back;’ they all seem to fit together in that sort of box,” he said. “The other album is very mellow — almost sort of like a Sunday morning album to me.” He continued: “I didn’t go in and do it all at once, either. It was sporadic bursts here and there, and then it started to get more intense and I found myself in the studio every day for weeks. So that was great: I knew something was cooking for myself.”

He said of his creative process: “I usually just write and record, and eventually it starts to tell me what it is. I usually don’t say, ‘This is the kind of record I’m going to make.’ I didn’t in this case either; I just kept writing and recording as it was happening, with no real urgency to it.”

White's upcoming North American tour, which includes some festival appearances, kicks off April 8 and runs until Aug. 29.

Jack White - ‘Fear of the Dawn’

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