The Jewish Community Center is commenting on the dismissal of a staff member after a gun was found while the Vestal facility was closed for the holidays.


The J.C.C. has sent a news release to broadcast outlets saying the former employee had a valid conceal-carry permit but was in violation of the agency's strict no-gun policy.

The group, which operates a licensed daycare facility, has been notified by the Office of Children and Family Services that its permit is changed to "pending revocation" due to the incident.  The J.C.C. says it still is able to operate as usual while the issue is resolved.

A maintenance worker reportedly found the weapon while the center was closed December 24 and locked it in a secure location.

The J.C.C. says it has the safety and well-being of the children under the organization's care as its top priority and expects the situation will be resolved in the next couple of days.

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