Following a lawsuit Walmart announced a change to its reward card.

Walmart and Capital One announced the end of their card partnership earlier than expected.

Walmart & Capital One End Partnership

Capital One To Purchase Discover Financial
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The companies confirmed the news in a joint statement.

In 2019, Capital One and Walmart introduced the Capital One Walmart Rewards Credit Card Program.

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The deal was supposed to run through 2026.

The Capital One Walmart rewards cards provided cash back rewards on purchases at in-store or online.

No Changes For Card Holders

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According to both companies, "nothing changes today for cardholders." The keyword there though is "today." It appears there will be changes in the the future.

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"Cardholders can continue to earn and redeem rewards, and previously accrued rewards will retain their value. Until informed otherwise, cardholders can also continue to use their Capital One Walmart Rewards® Card wherever Mastercard is accepted and the Walmart Rewards® Card for purchases at Walmart," the joint statement says.

Potential Reason For Ending Partnership

Mark Steele
Mark Steele

While the companies did confirm the news in a joint statement, a reason wasn't provided.

CBS reports Walmart "soured on Capital One."

Walmart sued Capital One in 2023. The lawsuit alleged that Capital One took a long time to process payments and mail replacement cards.

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A judge ruled in Walmart's favor.

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