20 New York cities and towns have received a not-so-stellar recognition.

Let's be honest - any city or town has its pros and its cons. And when it comes to the town you live in, there is a reason you live there - the pros! No matter where you call home, there will always be drawbacks, some locations have more than others.

But if you see your city or town on this list, you probably have a million reasons why the designation is not deserved. And you know what? We agree! It is easy for experts to just look at data and now see what these cities or towns offer to the residents who live there.

We in no way agree with this list - and we in fact look at it as a great way to rally around these towns and cities and all they have to offer. So let's get the rally started and stand up for our New York cities and towns - here are the top 20 worst places to live in New York according to the real estate gurus at Money Inc.

The 20 Worst Places To Live In New York [RANKED]

The experts at Money Inc. have compiled their annual rankings of the worst place to live in New York for 2023 based on safety, quality of schools, the strength of local job markets, and leisure/entertainment. When you put that all together, Money Inc. says there are 20 New York cities and towns to stay away from.

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff