Eli Manning's football career was impressive enough on its own, but his post-football career has taken it to the next level.

From his active presence on Twitter, to his humorous performances on the "Manningcast" on ESPN, Eli Manning has developed quite the extensive media presence in his time after football.

This past week, Eli was at it again, but this time, he chose to do it undercover.

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Viral Prank Video Shows Eli Manning Undercover at Penn State Football Camp

America, meet Chad Powers, the walk-on football sensation that took the Penn State Nittany Lions' football program by storm during a recent camp.

Penn State was holding what appeared to be an evaluation camp, in which players could try-out in front of the coaching staff for an opportunity to walk-on to one of the best college football teams in the nation.

It was at this camp that a tall, mustached college student appeared out of thin-air:

It really did seem as though most of the players, and staff, had zero idea who Chad Powers actually was. That's what made the reveal at the end of the video all the more hilarious to watch.

As a Giants' fan, a few things made me laugh while watching this video. First, Eli Manning is such a mild-mannered person in real-life, that he didn't really have to change his personality at all in order to play the character of Chad Powers. Change a few of his physical features and boom, he could be any Average Joe in the blink of an eye.

Former NY Giants' QB Eli Manning / Getty Images
Former NY Giants' QB Eli Manning / Getty Images

The second, and more cynical, reason that I laughed was because of the performance on-the-field. I have lost count of how many times I saw Eli Manning throw a decent pass to a wide receiver that was open, who managed to drop the ball for no good reason. I've also lost count of how many times Manning either over, or under, threw his receiver on what could've been an easy touchdown.

Between the painful memories of the mid-2010's Giants that were brought about, and the laughs from watching the surprise on the faces of the people in the video, this prank was a rollercoaster of emotions for me.

Either way, post-football Eli Manning has officially struck again.

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