A drove of pigs went hog-wild over the weekend in the New Paltz area.

We have our fair share of farms across the Hudson Valley so we're no strangers to farm animals. However, when you see a rather large group of pigs on your front lawn on a random Sunday afternoon you start to question your sanity.

That's exactly what happened to one New Paltz resident this weekend.

Elizabeth Diuguid posted on social media Sunday, around 5:45 pm, August 7th: "Anyone lose their pigs?" and added the following photo:

Elizabeth Reyes Diuguid, Facebook
Elizabeth  Diuguid, Facebook

We reached out to Diuguid who told us that her husband had run inside when the rain began at around 5:40 pm and stumbled upon the pigs. He rushed inside to tell her about it and then she started recording.

Diuguid shared a video of the pigs hamming it up in her yard with hilarious (and NSFW) commentary on TikTok:

@yayatruly#piginvasion#piggies#pigs♬ original sound - Yaya
These little piggies did not go to the market, nor did they cry wee wee wee all the way home. They hung out on Diuguid's property and made themselves at home. According to Diuguid these little piggies left their mark:
the backyard is basically a mud pit, they were trying to tip over our swing seat, and lifting the click tile we have on a small patio in the back. Otherwise more of the grass along the side and front lawn. They kept tipping over out little well cover that looks like an old fashioned well. I think they were trying to scratch themselves.

Where Did These Pigs Come From?

Elizabeth tells us that there is a property behind her neighbor's house where the pigs escaped from. While the pigs were pigging out, Diuguid said the pigs were "very approachable and non-confrontational."

We don't want to make a PIG deal out of this, but you have to admit it's pretty funny. Did you see any of the pigs exploring New Paltz this weekend?

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