The Hudson Valley is filled with historic landmarks and attractions. You have the Walkway Over the Hudson, FDR's home, and Bannermans Castle.

However, one turn in the Red Hook area will bring you to a few unique landmarks that will have you doing a double-take.

If you've ever taken the back roads of Dutchess County and ended up at the intersection of Route 308 and Route 199, you've probably seen the infamous Fork in the Road, literally and figuratively. The 31-ft art installation was created by artist Stephen Schreiber, according to

Google Maps
Google Maps

When driving in the area, keep your eyes peeled, as there are a few other installments. Schreiber is also behind one of the largest Prozac pills.

Okay, so it's not an actual antidepressant, obviously. It is however made out of a retired 500-gallon propane tank. A sign sits over the pill/tank that says "Don't Worry...Be Happy."

We weren't able to find the true origin story of the Giant Prozac Pill, but reports that Schriber has been quoted as saying:

Huge Prozac pill made from 500 gallon propane tank - at light in Rock City NY - can be seen from the FORK in the Road. Pill has on it: PROZAC 1,000,000 mg. and a sign on top that says "Don't worry -- Be Happy." It's a hoot -- like my fork, it gets a lot of attention.

Have you seen the installment? Do you know the history or story behind it? We'd love to hear, send a text through the station's mobile app.

If you think a giant Prozac pill is a weird landmark, take a trip out to Kerhonkson and check out the (at one time) Worlds Largest Garden Gnome at Kelderfarms. 

What strange Hudson Valley landmark is your favorite?

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