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  The Town of Union Economic Development office has over a million dollars to help spur business development in the western part of Broome County. 

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The Union E.D.O. has set up a new $1.5-million grant program using money from the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act. 

According to a news release from the Town, the funds will be used to help start-up and established businesses and commercial property owners in the Town of Union, including the Village of Johnson City and Endicott and the Hamlets of Endwell, Choconut Center, Union Center, West Corners, Westover and West Endicott. 

Officials say there are five types of grants under the “ARPA” program, designed to provide businesses with further opportunities for growth, expansion and improvements. 

The categories are: 

  • Kick-Start Entrepreneurial grants 
  • Small Business Sustainability grants 
  • Project Specific Infrastructure Improvement funding  
  • Reimagine Union Demolition and Site Preparation funding and 
  • The 50-50 Commercial Façade grant. 

Business applicants will have to initially meet with Economic Development Director Joseph Moody before filling out an application.  He can be reached by telephone at (607) 786-2945 or via email at

Information on the grant programs can be found on the Town of Union website under departments/economic development. 

Moody says the Town is excited to be offering one-and-a-half million dollars in grant funding to businesses located in the town. 

Several areas of the Town of Union have been seeing recent moves toward attracting new business as well as industry with developments announced along East Main Street in Endicott, Watson Boulevard in the Hamlet of Endwell and in the center village area of Endicott around Washington Avenue and the Huron campus.  

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