A Southern Tier school narrowly avoided pandemonium when cafeteria staff spotted a scorpion while washing bananas for the students.

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According to a report from Alison Cutler of The Charlotte Observer, cafeteria staff were washing bananas to prepare for students on Friday when they found a scorpion crawling around in the bananas.

According to a Norwich City School District Facebook post, the scorpion was captured without harm and given to high school zoology students as an impromptu lesson on scorpions. They even got to feed crickets to the scorpion as part of their studies.

It's believed that the scorpion had been in the bananas since they left Guatemala, and fortunately cafeteria staff spotted it before it could get loose in the school.

On a scale of napping puppies to clowns (my absolute number one greatest fear) this ranks about an eight out of ten for me. Scorpions are one of the scariest animals I've ever seen. I don't even like needles so the thought of eating my lunch and being surprised by an angry scorpion is enough to send me into full fight or flight mode and believe me when I tell you that flight is the only realistic option.

At least with other animals I'm afraid of like bears or cougars there's plenty of videos where they act like regular old house pets or do something funny. I've never once seen a video of a scorpion doing anything other than hunting for food.

The cafeteria staff earned every bit of respect for capturing the scorpion so that high school students could study it and treat it humanely instead of what I would have done, which is throw every object within my reach at the scorpion until it stops moving or I start running.

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