Pennsylvania drivers whose licenses have been suspended due to an accumulation of points on their records could get a second chance to avoid having their privileges pulled.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is announcing a new Driver Improvement School, or “D.I.S.” to which a driver with too many speeding or other moving violations on their record could be assigned to try to knock some points off their license.

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According to PennDOT, a driver convicted of certain moving violations are assigned point to their driving record.  Once the record has been reduced below six points and for the second time shows as many as six points or who has a conviction for excessive speeding, they will be required to attend a PennDOT hearing.

At the PennDOT hearing, a driver meets with a Driver Safety Examiner to review their driving record and talk about their habits that landed them in the hearing. After that the determination would be made as to whether the motorists should be given a 15-day license suspension or if the Driver Improvement School would be better in helping them make better decisions behind the wheel.

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If assigned to the course, the driver would knock two points off their record if they complete the class successfully and avoid a suspension. If they fail or don’t show up, they would get a 60-day suspension on their license.

PennDOT explains the DIS curriculum focuses on safety and addresses poor driver behaviors and judgements exhibited in “high-risk” drivers.

The course is only six hours long.

For more information visit the Driver Improvement School page on PennDOT's Driver and Vehicle Services website.

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