Just because the winter season is here, that doesn't mean we have to hunker down at home and be bored until spring arrives.

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There are plenty of cold weather activities to participate in throughout the Southern Tier of New York and Northeast Pennsylvania. But what if you want to get away for a relaxing weekend or extended stay somewhere other than home?

Well, how about a cozy cabin getaway? New York State has no shortage of great places to sit back and relax in a cabin, next to a warm fireplace, while watching the snow fall outside (inside would be a bad thing!)

So, I found three interesting cozy cabins in a part of New York State that is perfect in the wintertime - the Adirondacks, which might just be the perfect getaway for you and someone special or the entire family this winter season.

Some of the features include hot tubs, saunas, game rooms, theater, fireplaces, spacious bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas. One of the cabins even has a real working water wheel! And of course, modern amenities as well, like TV, wifi access, and more.

Take a look below, and picture yourself at one of these three Adirondack cabins, all nice and comfy with a warm drink in hand...or maybe your favorite alcoholic beverage, while taking in the wonder of winter.

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