A CVS Pharmacy in New York has had enough of shoplifters, and it's turning to our four-legged canine friends for solutions to its problem.

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According to a report by Danni Santana for Business Insider, the New York City CVS, like many pharmacies around the United States, is tired of the increase in shoplifting incidents since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. So they're turning to K-9 units to deter would-be shoplifters from filling their pockets and walking out.

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Now what potential shoplifters probably don't know is that the dogs will not pursue the shoplifters. The K-9 units are simply a deterrent to discourage would-be thieves from shoplifting because they don't know that the dogs won't pursue them.

Kevin Ward, vice president of security for the 34th Street Partnership, said "It's effective so far. We've had a couple of people who were known shoplifters who saw the dog and walked out without stealing anything."

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Of course, any potential shoplifters who read WNBF.com now know that those dogs won't be chasing them through the streets of Manhattan to reclaim some shampoo or candy. But even knowing that, I don't think shoplifters will be staring a K-9 unit dog in the eyes and walking right past them with stolen goods.

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Sure in their head they know that the dog won't chase them. But they also know that it won't be a pretty scene if they're wrong.

Whether or not this will have a long-term measurable impact on shoplifting is yet to be seen, but retailers are clearly trying anything to battle a crime that has cost the industry nearly $100 billion.

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