Imagine taking a nice hike in a beautiful New York park during the crisp fall weather and returning to your car to find that a bear has broken in and now can't break back out. At least one person doesn't have to imagine that anymore.

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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation shared this video of rescuing the bear from the trunk of an SUV on September 23rd.

According to the post, Environmental Conservation Officers used their cars and a rope to rescue the bear from the trunk of the Honda and funnel it back into the woods. After realizing it was free, you can see the bear sprinting off into the trees while silently vowing to never break into a car again.

According to the post, the bear seemed to be unharmed but the car sustained heavy damage, which is to be expected when a bear realizes it's stuck starts to freak out a little.

It's not known what inspired the bear to break into the car in the first place or how it got in. But knowing that bears occasionally take strolls through the Binghamton area, I'll be double checking that my car is bear-free before I drive into the office every morning. Knowing my luck, if a bear had broken into my car I probably would have already started driving away by the time I realized a dangerous and terrified animal was breathing down my neck on Vestal Parkway.

Huge credit to the Environmental Conservation Officers who managed to save the bear in such a creative way. And credit to them for being able to stand five feet away from a bear and keep their cool.

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