In a devastating collision on Tuesday evening, five women from Broome County, New York State tragically lost their lives in a multi-vehicle crash on Interstate 81 North in Scott Township, Lackawanna County.

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Lackawanna County Coroner Timothy Rowland confirmed to WNEP that there were five victims. WICZ reports that all five women were residents of Broome County. All five women were family.

The accident occurred near Waverly around 5:30 p.m. after a minivan reportedly lost control and collided with the median. Consequently, four occupants of the minivan exited the vehicle. Reports state that a woman driving a separate vehicle which was following the minivan pulled over and also got out of her vehicle. All five individuals were then struck by an oncoming tractor-trailer, resulting in their deaths at the scene.

Local emergency services, including the county coroner's office, multiple fire departments, and state police, responded to the incident. First responders remained at the scene for an extended period and as a result of the crash, the northbound lanes of I-81 were temporarily closed, causing significant traffic congestion during the evening rush hour.

The following individuals were involved in the incident:

  • Harvrist Zebari, 42, of Endwell, NY
  • Fatma Ahmed, 71, of Binghamton, NY
  • Shahzinaz Mizouri, 56, of Vestal, NY
  • Aleen Ameen, 19, of Johnson City, NY
  • Berivan Zebara, 43, of Johnson City, NY

Unfortunately, all five individuals listed above were pronounced deceased at the scene. Parjan Ameen, 22, of Johnson City, sustained moderate injuries, while the tractor-trailer operator suffered minor injuries.

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