Shoppers at a store in Johnson City were met with a surprise on Friday, January 6, and not a pleasant one.

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According to Johnson City Police, approximately a dozen customers observed a man openly masturbating in the family restroom of at a store in the Village of Johnson City before they were notified of the situation.

While masturbating, police state that Matthew Baxter age 34, left the door unlocked. Baxter did not announce his presence when the victims knocked on the family restroom door to see if the restroom was available and he did not lock the door after any of the victims opened it and observed what he was doing.

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A store employee approached Baxter and confronted him about his behavior but he continued masturbating and it was then that the employee reached out to the Johnson City Police Department.

Johnson City Police report that after investigating the situation, Baxter was arrested and taken to the Johnson City Police Department. While at the police department, authorities discovered that Baxter is under the supervision of the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, which used to be known as the New York State Parole.

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According to Johnson City Police, as required by New York State bail reform laws, Baxter was released from the Johnson City Police Department on an appearance ticket. The Johnson City Police Department also states that the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision has not violated Baxter under the terms of his parole.

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