Phillip Ginter, Executive Director of the Ross Park Zoo in Binghamton announced on November 13th, openings for a limited number of applicants to join in an adventure of a lifetime to Nepal in search of Red Pandas.

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The trip to Nepal begins November 3rd, 2024 for 10 days. Those joining the adventure will be accompanied by Ross Park Zoo staff.

While the accepted applicants will join zoo staff and the Red Panda Network team for a once-in-a-lifetime experience hiking in the forests of Nepal in search of Red Pandas in their natural habitat, they are directly supporting the Red Panda Network’s community-based conservation initiatives. All trip lodging and food, porters, nature guides, local travel, and supplies are locally sourced, which supports ecotourism, as well as sustainable employment opportunities for the people of those communities. - Phillip Ginter - Ross Park Zoo Executive Director

In light of the 5.6 earthquake in Nepal on November 3 that left villages devastated, support for the ecotourism industry and its recovery in the country is being seen as even more critical to Nepal’s national and local economies as well as for the conservation of biodiversity in the affected regions. The trip, in partnership with the Red Panda Network, had already been in the planning stages prior to the November 3 natural disaster.

During the expedition, participants will witness the wonders of Nepal, in addition to amazing views of Mount Kangchenjunga, Mount Everest, and the beauty of the Nepali culture.

There are only five to seven openings for the excursion with an estimated cost per person of $5,000-$6,000. (Prices are subject to change based on the travel market at the time of reservation.)

Visit the Ross Park Zoo website to learn more and fill out an application. For more information reach out to Olivia Gorman, the Conservation & Education Manager at the Ross Park Zoo, at

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