The Twin Tiers could be in for over two inches of rain as the remains of hurricane Nicole move up the east coast.  

The National Weather Service office in Binghamton advises that moderate to heavy rain is likely to impact much of Central New York and Northeast Pennsylvania Friday, November 11 into early Saturday, November 12. 


According to the forecast for the Greater Binghamton area, updated at around 5 a.m. November 10,  NOAA was predicting the rain to start on Friday morning with the possibility of heavy rain into the afternoon.  Thunderstorms were also said to be possible in the afternoon on November 11.  Forecasters added Nichole, which hit Florida early Thursday as a rare, late-season hurricane, would be coming through the Northeast as the remnants of a tropical storm but still packing some strong wind gusts.  Officials were projecting a light south wind in the morning on November 11 to shift to the southeast and pick up to 10 miles an hour and gusts possibly reaching 25 miles per hour. 

The projected amount of rain for Friday was being put at between a quarter to a half inch. 

On the upside, the forecast high temperature was well above the normal upper 40s to low 50s for this time of years. Forecaster were calling for a high in the mid to upper 60s on Saturday

That rainfall could become heavy at time as it continues into Friday night bringing a possibility of flooding issues.  

Thursday morning, the National Weather Service was looking for the overnight Friday new rainfall totals to possibly reach one to two inches.   

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The winds were also to be an issue overnight Friday with steady wind out of the south up to 13 miles per hours but gusts approaching 30 miles per hour. 

The heavy rain and wind were also expected to continue into the morning of Saturday, November 12.  Before Nichole was expected to move away later in the day Saturday, the wind was anticipated to shift to the west and gust up to 25 miles per hour. 

With a lot of leaves down and many residents raking debris to the curb for collection, there is a potential for clogging of storm drains, adding to road flooding issues.  If there is a storm drain near your home or businesses, you are asked to check clear it of debris if possible. 

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