A scam where a company is selling fake local police agency swag is rearing its ugly head again.  

This time, the Vestal Police Department is advising people they are NOT selling VPD “merch.”  


In a post on Facebook, the Vestal Police warn:It has been brought to our attention that some people are receiving text messages advertising merchandise with the Vestal Police logo on it. While we are all for support and promoting our relationship with the community, please know that these items are counterfeit and unauthorized by the police department."

"On top of that, there is no telling where the profits from these sales may end up. We have put the source on notice and demanded that they cease and desist from selling these counterfeit items."

"We are also notifying the Attorney General's Office regarding this illegal business practice. Please don't be fooled and do not support this type of illegal activity."

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Back in January, 2022, a rash of similar scams began surfacing around the area.  The Broome County Sheriff's Office was the first to alert residents that someone was selling merchandise with the sheriff's badge logo implying association with the County law enforcement agency. 

In a WNBF news report January 26, officials warned the text messages peddling the clothing, mugs and other items were not authorized. 

The Sheriff's Office, meanwhile, took the opportunity to promote job opportunities, posting on the facebook advisory: “However, if you’re interested in wearing our uniforms, follow us on social media for exam postings”

Image provide by Cortland County Sheriff's office
Image provide by Cortland County Sheriff's office


Less than a month later, Chenango and Cortland county sheriff's offices had also reported merchandise marketed by "Shirt Nuaty" with their names and the slogan: “Everyone is Created Equal But Only the Finest Served In"... (name of the police agency)

That same slogan is appearing in the messages currently being sent bearing the Vestal Police Department name.

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