Scamming techniques continue to plague the public, not only nationally, but locally as well.

In a news release on April 16, 2024, from the Cortland County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were called in to investigate possible skimming devices. These devices were found at two businesses in Cortland County.

One of the skimming devices was located on a terminal at Gregg’s Supermarket, which is located in the Town of Marathon. The other device was found on a terminal at a Save-a-Lot location in the Town of Cortlandville.

According to the Cortland County Sheriff's Office, these two devices were positioned on top of the actual credit card scanners with the intention of mimicking the actual reader. Below is an actual photo of the fake scanning device, from the Cortland County Sheriff's Office.

Fake Skimmer
photo provided by the Cortland County Sheriff's Office

The Sheriff's Office recommends that anyone who has checked out at either of these locations, using a credit card scanner recently, to monitor their credit cards and banking information.

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The Cortland County Sheriff's Office further notes that if anyone has accrued any charges that they believe to be fraudulent, please contact their bank to report fraudulent charges.

Furthermore, the Sheriff’s Office also reminds people in Cortland County that “if you see something unusual, say something” by reporting the incident immediately. To do so, call either 911 or (607) 753-3311.

Be vigilant, and safeguard your money. Scammers are constantly attempting to steal from unsuspecting victims.

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