The first Broome County passengers to board a direct flight from the Greater Binghamton Airport to Florida in years are enjoying the warmer climate and maybe taking in some tourist attractions.   

Avelo Airlines took off on its inaugural flight out of Binghamton headed to Orlando November 16, just two-and-a-half months after the new service was announced.  The low-cost airline will be flying on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Photo: Broome County Executive's Office
Photo: Broome County Executive's Office


Broome County and Avelo officials announced in August that there would finally be a second commercial airline serving the Greater Binghamton Airport.  Since the exit of several other carriers, including American Airlines, Delta has been the only passenger service with flights only going to the hub in Detroit. 

Avelo had planned to offer service not only to Orlando, but to Fort Meyers, Florida. But those plans have been waylaid by the destruction in Western Florida left by Hurricane Ian on September 28. The company is hoping to add the destination back in once recovery to the Florida Gulf Coast allows. 

Avelo says it was founded with a vision to help customers save money and time with low cost fairs and options to change or cancel itineraries with no extra fees. 

A reception to welcome the service and celebrate the first flight was held at the airport in the Town of Maine prior to the evening flight November 16. 

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Meanwhile, shortly after the announcement of the new service in Binghamton, Delta Airlines announced in October that it would be would start offering two flights to LaGuardia Airport outside of New York City instead of the Detroit hub starting in January.  That move is expected to open more domestic and international destinations to business and recreation travel for the Binghamton area. The new downstate service is scheduled to begin in January.

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