Have you ever taken a look at the City of Binghamton's website? It's full of helpful and informative information for new and longtime residents of the Parlor City.

Among the various tabs including services, news, calendar, videos, connect, community, government, business, and others, I found a section of interest I wasn't aware of.

Under the Police Tab, on the left, there is a link to Binghamton's unsolved cases. This link details unsolved cases of homicides, arson, missing persons, and fatal motor vehicle accidents.

I decided to look into the arson unsolved cases tab, where a map appears, showing eight open cases. According to the City of Binghamton website:

The Binghamton Police Department is committed to investigating cases that have gone cold and to continue our pursuit of justice for the victims. It is important that the community, along with friends and family, know that we will not forget the victims. Although these cases are cold they are never cold to the people who care. This webpage is for the community to view in hopes that persons who have information on any of the featured cases will have the courage to come forward and speak with the police. We remain optimistic that we will one day be able to provide answers to the family and friends of the victims and that justice will be served.  - Joseph T. Zikuski, Binghamton City Chief of Police

Below, are the eight Binghamton area arson open cases.  According to the City of Binghamton Police Department, based on evidence recovered at the scene of these fires, they all were ruled as arson, unless otherwise noted.

The Binghamton Poice Department notes that if anyone knows anything about a case featured below, please call the Binghamton Police Detective Division at (607) 772-7080.

These 8 Binghamton New York Arson Cases Are Still Unsolved

These 8 Binghamton New York Arson Cases Are Still Unsolved

Gallery Credit: City of Binghamton

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