Does this happen to you? You're exhausted but when you lay down to sleep, all you find yourself doing is looking at the ceiling. You try staring at the ceiling fan as it goes around but nothing, you can't fall asleep.

Well my New York friend, you are not alone. A recent study revealed that trouble falling asleep is something that many of us in the Empire State have problems with. The study looked at over 30 sleep-related Google search terms, and found out about the sleep issues that we encounter in New York.

With a sleep score over 72, New York State is in the top ten most sleep-deprived states in the United States. Many things contribute to this, from city living with all its noise, to the Finger Lakes or the Hudson Valley and the challenges they face with their odd work hours and financial stress.

There are other differences in getting enough sleep all across the state. The Upstate New York area is more rural and suburban, so there is a tendency to have less sleep problems compared to the more crowded downstate areas. Lifestyle differences certainly play a part in our sleep quality across the state.

Getting a good night's sleep is important in so many ways. We feel better, we are more alert and we tend to make less stupid mistakes when we have a good night's rest. No matter where we live in New York State, it's important to make healthy sleep habits a priority for everyone's sake.

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