Have you ever thought about blowing the whistle on shady stuff happening at work? It takes a lot of guts to speak up, especially when you know there could be serious consequences.

However, according to a recent survey, half of New Yorkers are ready to risk their careers and call out malpractice in their organizations. This sounds hard to believe but this sounds even more unbelievable: New Yorkers are more willing to whistleblow than people in other states.

The survey asked 3,000 employees this hypothetical question: "Would you put your career on the line and face possible legal consequences to expose wrongdoing at your job?" 51% said they would, while 49% would keep their mouth shut.

It's easy to say you would but would you really? I think the only way that anyone could truly answer that question is when it's not a hypothetical question any more. Things change when we have skin in the game but moving on.

The responses varied depending on which state you lived. In Arkansas, 83% of employees said they'd blow the whistle without thinking twice. Meanwhile. 30% of people from Idaho were willing to take the risk.

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It's interesting to see how many people are willing to expose misconduct in their workplace. I believe some of it would depend on how well you get along with your workmates to begin with.

Whistleblowing is no joke and can have serious consequences, like losing your job or facing harassment. Many employees (51%) don't even know their rights as whistleblowers. Here's another thing - some people (19% to be exact) have seen illegal activities at their jobs but chose to stay quiet.

Organizations need to step up and encourage whistleblowers. The survey found that 30% of employers don't have proper systems in place to handle misconduct. The survey also said that employees rated their confidence in their companies protecting whistleblowers at a mere 4 out of 10.

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