Tornado season is about ready to start in the United States, and Captain Experiences did a study. They checked out the places that are showing the biggest increase in high-intensity tornadoes over the past two decades.

Severe weather outbreaks have affected many cities in the US but Binghamton is showing a decline in tornado activity.

A Shift in Tornado Patterns

The study reveals that tornadoes have affected every U.S. state, except for Alaska, in the last decade. These storms caused over $14 billion in damages, with Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Mississippi, and Texas accounting for half of the amount. Tornado Alley is now called "Dixie Alley," and it reaches from eastern Texas to the western parts of the Carolinas.

Binghamton's Tornado Activity

Researchers found that the Binghamton experienced a decline in tornado activity over the past 20 years. During the period that ended in November 2023, the Parlor City didn't have any high-intensity tornadoes. They had three less tornadoes compared to the last two decades.

Minimal Impact on Life and Property

Throughout the entire study, no injuries or deaths were reported because of tornadoes in Binghamton. More good news is that the average damage to property was $10,713 after figuring in for inflation. 

The Complex Connection with Climate Change

Researchers continue to study tornado occurrences and its relationship to climate change. If we are to believe them, they suggest that global warming is the reason for more these increasing weather happenings.

They say that even though Binghamton has seen a decline in tornadoes, they want use to stay informed, and prepared during the tornado seasons and bad weather conditions.

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