A new Broadway musical will soon hit the stage welcoming the larger-than-life story of Endwell native Jacqueline Siegel in "The Queen of Versailles" – a musical that brings to life the highs and lows of dreaming of and chasing after the American Dream.

The musical is based on the real life journey of Jackie Siegel who was born in Binghamton, and her husband David, as they pursue their dream of building the largest private home in America, inspired by the opulence of the Palace of Versailles.

Jackie was born in Binghamton in 1966, raised in Endwell, and graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1989 with a bachelor's degree in computer engineering.

In 1993, Jackie was crowned the winner of the Mrs. Florida America beauty pageant. Currently, she is the owner of the Mrs. Florida America beauty pageant contest and also holds the position of its director.

Jackie is also a real life billionairess who embodies the essence of ambition and aspiration. Alongside her husband, known as "The Timeshare King," the musical follows her as they embark on a venture to construct a $100 million mansion in Orlando, Florida.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Victoria's Voice Foundation
Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Victoria's Voice Foundation

When she was growing up in small town Endwell, Jackie and her parents watched “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” together every Friday night.  When the show was over, Jackie would go outside and stare up at the stars, dreaming of escaping her small town and becoming one of the rich and famous.

The song in the musical talks about the days when all the kids hung out at the Oakdale Mall “where time moves slower than the Susquehanna.” There is also mention of the big houses that sit on the lake and how young girls look at those houses and wonder how the people inside them are able to live such a high life.

"The Queen of Versalles" promises a portrayal of the dreams and challenges faced by Jackie and her husband, especially as the Great Recession of 2008 cast a shadow over their once-lavish lifestyle.

The musical draws inspiration from the acclaimed television documentary series "Queen of Versailles Reigns Again," which was directed by award-winning filmmaker Lauren Greenfield and brings together Academy Award winning songwriter Stephen Schwartz and the Tony and Emmy Award winner Kristin Chenoweth, who animates the role of Jackie Siegel. Accompanying her is Academy Award winner F. Murray Abraham as David Siegel.

"The Queen of Versailles" promises to craft an unforgettable and thought-provoking theatrical experience, especially for those from the Southern Tier who can relate to the dreams of a young Jackie.

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