The countdown is on and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It's time for New Yorkers to start preparing for this delicious holiday and if you want to make sure your Thanksgiving celebration goes off without a hitch, try these three things RIGHT NOW!

Make Your Lists

One of the best things you can do right now is to start planning. Take some time to sit down and make a menu list, guest list, and grocery list. Planning your meal in advance will give you time to figure out what dishes you want to prepare and make sure that you have all the necessary ingredients.

Don't forget to order your turkey ahead of time so that you can avoid any last-minute scrambling for that fresh turkey. When it comes to guests, make sure you know for sure who is coming. This will help you decide how much food you need to prepare and plan for any dietary restrictions.

Lastly, write down a detailed grocery list so that you can easily get everything you need when you go shopping. Being organized will save you time and stress in the long run and will help you get everything that you need and nothing that you don't.

Take Inventory

Before the turkey day arrives, it's a good idea to make sure you have enough glasses, plates, and silverware. Check for cracks, chips, and stains and give them a good cleaning ahead of time. This way, you can make sure your table setting looks great and impress your guests. Don't forget about the serving dishes and utensils too because you’re going to need them!

Stock Up on Wine

Nothing can ruin Thanksgiving faster than whining from your guests. so it's important to have the right wine available. So it's a great idea to have different options for your family and friends to choose from. Make sure to have a wide selection of red, white, and rosé wines available.

If you're attending someone else's Thanksgiving celebration, why not send bring a bottle of wine as a thoughtful gesture? It's a great way to show your appreciation for the invitation and a great way that you'll get the invite next Thanksgiving.

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