Super Bowl LVIII featured something that is really awesome because of the work by an Upstate New York company.

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Delhi-based company, Sportsfield Specialties, manufactured and installed new goalposts with a never before seen feature in Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas. They put in the  "Doink" cameras.

This cameras were made possible because of a partnership between Sportsfield Specialties and CBS. It took almost a year for the new goalposts to be made and tested before they were installed.

Sportsfield Specialties via Facebook
Sportsfield Specialties via Facebook

Andrew Hannigan, Director of Engineering, told Yahoo Sports that, "The NFL requires a seamless post with no discernable seams that could affect the flight of the ball, so all mounting, structural reinforcement, and cabling, plus the camera itself, are located inside the upright."

Sportsfield Specialties was founded in 1998 and they manufacture and sell sports construction equipment to high school, college, and professional levels. They have made goalpost for every NFL stadium, except for the Cleveland Browns' and Philadelphia Eagles' stadiums.

Sportsfield Specialties via Facebook
Sportsfield Specialties via Facebook

If you are a New York Giant fan, then you'll remember when they pulled off the ultimate upset and beat the undefeated New England Patriots in the 2008 Super Bowl? That game was even more special because the goalposts were provided by none other than Sportsfield Specialties. It was their debut appearance on the Super Bowl stage, and they made quite the impression.

Sportsfield Specialties' goalposts were also featured in the 2014 Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. That year, the Seattle Seahawks dominated the Denver Broncos, with a final score of 43-8.

The next year, at the University of Phoenix Stadium, the Patriots defeated the Seahawks 28-24, and once again, it was the trusty goalposts from Sportsfield Specialties in action.

In 2014, the NFL decided to raise the height requirements for goal post uprights from 30 feet to 35 feet. This meant that Sportsfield Specialties had to step up their engineering game too.

The new requirements meant they had to add strength and durability to the goalposts, especially for the bad weather. It was a big win for the company, as they met the new requirements and solidified their position as a top supplier in the sports construction industry.

The "Doink" cameras used in the goalposts at this year's Super Bowl gave us another way to see the the goalposts during the game between the 49ers and the Chiefs. It is all because of Sportsfield Specialties that we got to enjoy this new unique view.

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