One thing that I love about summers in New York is taking a road trip. Give me a little sunshine and warm weather, and I'm putting the top of the convertible top down and I'm on my way.

Apparently, I'm not alone when it comes to travel plans for New Yorkers, at least according to a recent survey by The Vacationer. Over 1,000 Americans took part in their survey and over 75% of travelers in the US are doing the road trip.

Over 80% of Americans have summer travel plans but not as many are hitting the road as compared to last year. My guess is that rising gas and food prices have slowed many travelers down.

But it looks like New Yorkers just don't care because 3/4 of us are gearing up and getting down the highway. The survey had some interested results when it came to the length of road trip that we plan on taking in the summer of 2024.

Most of us have no problem driving around 100 miles from home which accounts for a majority of the road trips After that, the number drops to around 20% going 250 miles away and around 5% going 1,000 miles away from home.

Although we don't mind taking road trips, traveling by air isn't as appealing for us. Some studies are showing a decline in air travel this year as compared to 2023. Last summer, 54% hopped on an airplane at least once while only 52% plan on going this year. It's not a big difference but a difference no the less.

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As I mentioned before, rising gas prices have everyone worried so their plans could change before all is said and done.. According to AAA, the national average for a gallon of gas is  at $3.67, and there's a  good chance that will change especially once schools are out and vacations begin.

The good news? Experts think that because of less travel, the demand will go down and prices could take a dip. That's good news for travelers but not good for the companies that rely on summer vacation travel for their livelihood.

As summer gets closer, it's important to plan your road trip and take into account things like fuel cost. Also planning ahead for your summer adventure, could save you money as prices have a tendency to go up as you get closer to on-the-road adventure.

So get ready to buckle up and get ready to make some memories this summer, New Yorker style.

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