It may feel like it's a million degrees outside today, but it won't be long before the crisp autumn air settles over Upstate New York, and when it does, there is one attraction that will capture the essence of the season and bring joy to visitors of all ages.

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Stoughton Farm, a beloved family-owned farm in Newark Valley, has unveiled its much-anticipated corn maze, captivating locals and tourists alike with its intricacy and design.

Every year, Stoughton Farm takes on the challenge of creating a unique and awe-inspiring corn maze that offers a memorable experience for anyone who dares to enter.

This year is no exception, as the farm has once again outdone itself with an extraordinary maze that is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who venture inside.
Spanning several acres, Stoughton Farm's corn maze is a true work of art. The intricate patterns and winding pathways intricately carved into the towering stalks of corn create an immersive adventure for those who brave the challenge. Each twist and turn presents a new mystery to unravel, ensuring that visitors will be on the edge of their seats throughout their journey.

The design of the corn maze changes annually, adding an element of surprise and excitement for both returning guests and first-time visitors. This year's maze, created with meticulous attention to detail is "DINO-mite."

Stoughton Farm ensures that safety remains a top priority for all visitors. Detailed maps and clues are provided to help adventurers navigate their way through the maze, ensuring everyone has a fun and enjoyable experience. Additionally, the farm's friendly staff is always on hand to assist and provide guidance if needed.

In addition to the extraordinary corn maze, Stoughton Farm offers a range of fun activities for all ages. From pumpkin picking to hayrides and a petting zoo, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The farm's vibrant atmosphere, accompanied by the beauty of the autumn landscape, creates an ambiance that is truly magical.

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