A letter published in the New York Daily News 10 years ago predicted that by 2024 women would dominate in top positions and men would take on the role of raising children. It might have sounded crazy then but not now.

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Before 2024, stay-at-home parenting was mostly associated with the moms. Women have made progress in education and employment, and some homes have mothers as the primary breadwinners.

So now, more men are choosing to stay at home and help to raise their kids. According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, one in five stay-at-home parents are fathers. This percentage has been increasing over the past few decades which shows a big change in what society sees as normal.

The reason for so many stay-at-home fathers has a lot to do with changes in economic situations for families. Women's earning potential has risen as their education has increased. This may surprise you but now more women have college degrees than men.

With women getting higher paying jobs, more couples are realizing that having a stay-at-home dad and a breadwinning mom can work for their family. For many fathers, it's becoming more acceptable to stay at home and actively help in their kid's lives.

Some dads are unhappy with their job and get more joy from being involved as a parent. Another big reason for more fathers staying home is that the cost of childcare is sky-high.

Families are struggling to afford childcare, and this is forcing them to find alternatives. For many families, it makes sense for the higher-earning spouse to keep working while the other parent stays home with the kids takes on the role of the primary caregiver.

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