So much is asked from our men and women in blue and too many people don't understand everything that they have to do. They do so much behind the scenes without any acknowledgement.

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So what's the latest thing that they've been involved in for the last week? ILLEGAL Lemon stands. WHAT!! I have the feeling that some people may be reporting these young entrepreneurs and the response by our local law enforcement is bringing smiles to everyone, especially the kids.

Southern Law Enforcement Responding To Illegal Lemonade Stands

On Friday, August 26, Officer Leonard from the Endicott Police Department was dispatched to an illegal lemonade stand operated by some youth near West Wendell Street.

He took swift action for the good of the public and tested some of the lemonade. After passing the taste test, he payed $1 for the 50 cent cup. According to Officer Leonard, it was the best lemonade that he's ever had and he's never lied to us before. He declared the situation safe and legal and even was happy.

Endicott Police Department
Endicott Police Department

On Tuesday, August 30, the Johnson City Police Department sent Officer Gallo to not one but two illegal stands and took the appropriate action. He made these young girls day a lot brighter and these young ladies were proud to serve Officer Gallo.

Johnson City Police
Johnson City Police Department

Last and certainly not least, our friends in blue from the City of Cortland also got involved and help make our community safer for smiles and laughter. Officer Taylor, Officer Hatfield and Chief Sandy were called to a stand that had been running since July.

PJ Scott has been operating his lemonade stand in his front yard to earn money to buy himself a new bicycle. PJ's stand also offered homemade sugar cookies (sweet). They were able to make PJ's dream of a bicycle a reality.

Cortland police
Cortland Police Department via Facebook

They emphasized that hard work for what you want pays off, even with some help from your friends.

It seems like every time that we turn on the news or go to social media. all we are bombarded with is what's going wrong in the world. This just goes to show that there is a lot of good out there too.

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