It's that time of year when people who love roundabouts more than most New Yorkers do (because we've actually never talked to a real life New Yorker who would admit they like them) celebrate what they call the "unsung heroes of the road."

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Buckle up because you're not going to believe this. There is literally a National Roundabouts Week and get this, it's happening right now. You might be wondering what all the fuss is about roundabouts. Well, experts claim that roundabouts have changed the way we get to where we're going.

They feel that not only do roundabouts keep the traffic flowing but with no need for traffic lights or stop signs, drivers can say farewell to those endless waits when the world turns your face gets redder.

Those who like roundabouts (who are these people?), also say they have a way of reducing the risk and severity of accidents. Those "people" must have skipped the roundabout on Upper Front Street in Binghamton because you're basically taking your life into your own hands. If you know, you know.

But I digress. Experts say roundabouts offer us no more fears of high-speed collisions or death-defying T-bones because drivers are forced to slow down and take it easy. It's probably easier on your brakes and engine but I'm not sure that I completely agree with the experts.

Celebrating National Roundabout Week

During National Roundabouts Week, people who live in communities in New York with roundabouts are invited to embrace the spirit of these "whimsical" traffic circles and even go so far as to host roundabout-themed parties. Um. If you're into roundabout celebrating, put on your seat belt, roll down your windows, and let the roundabout traffic sweep you off your feet. I guess.

However, we're guessing you probably won't be celebrating as you're trying to navigate the roundabout (that someone thought would be a great idea to plant right in the middle of downtown Binghamton) while you're waiting for someone with their face in their phone to walk right in front of your car when it's your turn to go.

If you do love roundabouts, don't let us stop you from celebrating. Do what makes you happy, even if it's driving in circles around our crazy roundabouts.

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