Located in the charming river town of Owego, the 1867 Parkview Inn stands as a testament to history...and is allegedly a hotbed for paranormal activity.

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The Parkview Inn building has a rich past, having served as a hotel and restaurant for over 150 years. With countless guests passing through its doors, it's no wonder that the inn has countless stories to tell, both in terms of its history and its haunting experiences.

The Parkview Inn underwent restoration in 2019, bringing it back to its former glory as a hotel. Today, it offers nine rooms with a historic theme and provides guests with simple amenities for a comfortable stay. Despite the pleasant ambiance, over and over people have shared chilling accounts of paranormal activity within the inn's walls.

One of the ghostly occurrences reported at the Parkview Inn is the sound of bells ringing and objects mysteriously moving in empty rooms, particularly in the restaurant area. According to local legends, a small girl tragically perished in a fire, and during the inn's renovations, evidence of fire damage was discovered in a sealed room.

Although the upper floors have been transformed into a cheerful place for guests to stay, paranormal investigators and ghost-hunting groups have been drawn to the inn, claiming to have received signs of supernatural presence.

For those brave enough to delve into the haunted history of the inn, chance encounters with spirits are an excellent possibility. According to the Parkview Inn, there are several spirits that you might just run into like the toddler named Marguerite or the man named  Floyd Hooker, an Owego resident, who once won $45 million from a lottery ticket sold there.

If you find yourself intrigued by the paranormal or simply enjoy immersing yourself in history, a visit to the Parkview Inn in Owego should be on your list!

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