Did you ever think the day would come that you could tell Alexa what you want from Panera Bread and she would order it for you? Well, that day has come!

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Technology is advancing at a fast speed and the latest will no doubt open doors for other restaurants to allow orders to be made simply by speaking to an Alexa device.

Panera Bread recently announced that it has teamed up with Amazon and that members of its MyPanera can now order whatever their favorite menu item is straight from Alexa everyone, including in New York. The order will be placed with the user’s nearest Panera and ready for pickup as soon as the person ordering walks through the doors or, it can be scheduled to be delivered.

In order for the order to go through, users will need to have a payment method stored on their Echo Show device and then getting started with ordering is as simple as saying, “Alexa, order Panera.” If a person wants their Panera order delivered, they’ll need to have an address attached to their MyPanera account.

Orders made through Alexa can be customized and George Hanson, Chief Digital Officer for Panera Bread said in a recent press release, “We know there are times where it’s just more convenient to be hands-free and order by voice, and we are thrilled to work with Amazon to design and offer another convenient way to order Panera.

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The only downside that anyone has discovered so far with ordering Panera from Alexa is that at this time, MyPanara rewards can’t be redeemed through Alexa.

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