Sanctuary cities can be a great idea, but there comes a point when providing sanctuary can get out of control when plans aren't properly put in place beforehand. It would seem that right now, as thousands of people each day are migrating and seeking asylum, cracks are showing in the lack of pre-preparation in New York.

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Earlier this week, New York Governor Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency due to "the arrival of increased numbers of migrants seeking shelter" in New York City smack dab in the middle of growing controversy over New York City Mayor Eric Adams' decision to send asylum seekers to some Upstate communities.

By Governor Hochul declaring a state of emergency, it means that state and local officials will be able to speed up the distribution of funds from the $1 billion provided in the recently enacted state budget which addresses the challenge that was described by Hochul as an "already large-scale humanitarian crisis."

Except, there's a problem.

A huge source of frustration for Upstate communities is that lawmakers agreed to provide funding for New York City, but neglected to provide a proportional increase for Upstate cities.

Hochul's office says it anticipates several thousand people each week to seek shelter in New York state and this means that many local government agencies will be unable to assist. In turn, both Republican and Democrat officials are concerned that there could wind up being threats against health and safety of current residents.

Broome County declared a state of emergency on Thursday, May 11 following reports that New York City could be attempting to relocate large groups of people to the area. According to Broome County Executive Jason Garnar, the state of emergency prohibits municipalities outside the county to contract with hotels and other multiple dwellings.

Tioga County also declared a state of emergency on Thursday, May 11 as has ChemungOrange, Rensselaer, Oneida. and others. The counties issuing a state of emergency are doing so because they want to make sure that their own residents are cared for and protected first before opening up to assist others.

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