Retirement - that glorious phase of life where we hope that we finally have time to do what we want for ourselves. A time that we look forward to doing all the things that we have ever dreamed about.

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It turns out that New Yorkers have some serious bucket list goals in mind for our golden years. According to a recent study by Forbes Health, an incredible 77% of New Yorkers have a retirement bucket list that they can't wait to tackle.

So, what's on the bucket list for New Yorkers? Surprisingly, The survey found that the top retirement goal for New Yorkers is to try more extreme sports. 58% of New Yorkers won't be sitting back sipping on lemonade in their rocking chair. They say they want to get their adrenaline pumping.

Learning to play a musical instrument came in as the second most popular retirement bucket list item, with 52% of people saying they want to unleash their inner rock star. Now I'm singing "Rockstar" by Smash Mouth and it turns out that isn't necessarily a bad thing because enjoying music also makes the list.

There are also adventure seekers who want to explore the world. About half of New Yorkers want to travel to other countries, while 46% want to see more of the world's most iconic sights.

New Yorkers also want to focus on their health and well-being (26%), and spend quality time with family and friends or at least that's what 25% of people have said. We also want to read more books when we retire.

The study also found that 87% of New Yorkers believe having a retirement bucket list is good for their mental health. I've said this many times, "Too many people know what they are retiring from but they don't know what they are retiring to."  Do you have a retirement bucket list? What's on it?

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