When it comes to birthdays, trends are all the rage. Whether it's a unicorn-themed celebration or a superhero extravaganza for kids, birthday trends seem to change all the time, but in New York, there's one birthday trend that stands out, and you probably don't even know about it.

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The trend has to do with the most popular date to be born. First, let's look at what date is the most common for births in the United States. According to The New York Times, September 20th takes the crown as the most common day to be born in America.

However, when we focus on New York State, there is one day that stands out as the most common birthday and that is September 16th. Yes, birth dates and the popularity of dates for being born are tracked and documented. If you’re someone who was born in September, you join a huge crowd of Americans. If you were born in New York and on September 16, you are part of a very special club in which loads of other New Yorkers share your celebration day.

The New York Times provides a detailed list ranking each day of the year in terms of its popularity for births. Interestingly, when you explore the rankings from July to September, almost every day falls within the top 100 most common days to be born. This pattern is unexpected because you would think popular birth dates would be dispersed throughout the year, right?

Not so much.

It seems that many couples tend to agree that the holiday season is an opportune time to conceive. The data suggests that during this festive period, there is an increase in pregnancies, leading to more births in late summer and early autumn.

The discovery of this trend shows the fascinating aspects of human behavior and how various factors can influence birthrate patterns, doesn’t it?

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