Your parents and grandparents probably told you stories about how stores used to close on holidays like Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Maybe you’re old enough to remember when that was normal however in this day and age, it seems everything is open all the time.

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From needing to pick up last-minute gifts (you forgot your daughter was bringing her boyfriend to Christmas) to suddenly realizing you forgot to grab a gallon of milk, stores being open on Christmas Eve is certainly a convenience but will your local Walmart Store be open on Christmas Eve this year?

Is Walmart Open on Christmas Eve?

All Walmart stores will be open on Christmas Eve for any of your last-minute needs, but you won’t want to wait until the very last minute because most stores plan to close by 8:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve so their employees can spend time with loved ones.

Is Walmart Open on Christmas Day?

If you’re hoping to pop into your nearest Walmart store on Christmas Day, you’re out of luck because all Walmart stores will be closed on Christmas.

What Stores Are Open On Christmas Day?

If you find yourself in a big pinch and absolutely need to get something from the store, there are a few places that will be open but most will likely only be open for limited hours so you will want to call ahead before traveling to one of them. Those pharmacies are CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid.

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