Identity theft is a big deal in the U.S., and New York is right in the middle. Cloudwards, has been checking out the identity theft scene in the Empire State. So, how our we holding up?

The Numbers: How's New York Doing with Identity Theft?

When you look at identity theft reports for every 100,000 people, New York hits 256. That sounds like a pretty big number, but that's a 15% drop in identity theft reports since last year. That is an encouraging as New Yorkers are doing what it takes to stay safe from identity theft.

What's New York Doing to Protect You?

New York doesn't have specific data privacy laws or identity theft passport laws on their books. However, they do have U.S. State-Specific Data Disposal Laws to handle sensitive stuff the right way.


New York has laws to tackle "phishing" and they've got a freeze law for minors credit reports. These does give some protection for the people in our state.

Taking Control: How to Keep Your Info Safe in the Empire State

While identity theft is something to worry about in New York, it's up to us to keep our personal information under lock and key. It's the little things that keep it from becoming  a BIG problem like tough passwords, being careful about sharing our info online and keeping an eye on our credit reports.

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