Some people say that when it comes to baseball nothing goes better than a hot dog and a beer as your watching the game. Well one man in the Big Apple took it one step further and it was captured on Instagram.

This New York Yankee fan decided that the perfect baseball game dinner combo was to use his straw to pierce his hot dog so he could use the hot dog as a straw. He proceeded to drink his beer using the hot dog.

This of course set the internet ablaze with questions. How do you think to do this? does it make the beer taste different? Do you feel no shame? These questions along with other reactions spread across the internet over this food phenomenon:

There must be something in the hot dog water because he's not the only one that has decided that a hot dog and a beer go good together, Check this out

I realize that someone wants him arrested but with New York's bail reform, he could be back at the ballpark before the 7th inning stretch.

So Southern Tier, if no one was watching you, would you try this at the ball park...or even at home?

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