Growing up in Upstate New York, winter was a season filled with special memories, thanks to my mom's creativity.

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One of my brothers often came down with pneumonia and couldn't go outside to play like the rest of us but my mom had creative solutions to allow him to still enjoy the fun of snow.

My mom would dress him in a snowsuit and bring buckets of fresh snow into our home. She would fill the bathtub and let him play in the snow from the cozy warmth of our house.

Another winter tradition was indulging in homemade snow ice cream. Whenever it snowed, we would beg my mom to make this with us and the memories are so special that I've carried the tradition forward to the next generation with my son.

Here's a simple and nostalgic recipe to recreate homemade snow ice cream.

Homemade Snow Ice Cream Ingredients

8 cups of snow
1 cup white sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
2 cups milk

Homemade Snow Ice Cream Instructions

Begin by placing a large, clean bowl outside to collect fresh snowflakes, away from anything that could contaminate the bowl.

Allow the bowl to fill up with fresh snow. Adjust the amount according to your preference and the bowl's size; 8 cups is a good starting point because although it may seem like a lot of snow, it will shrink down once you start to add ingredients.

Gently mix in the sugar and vanilla extract until they are evenly distributed, causing the sugar to start dissolving.

Gradually pour in the milk while continuously stirring. Adjust the amount based on your desired consistency. Stir until the mixture achieves a smooth texture, being careful not to over-mix and melt the snow.

If you'd like an extra burst of flavor and color, you can sprinkle in some Kool-Aid mix or a few pumps of your favorite flavored syrup. Speaking of syrup, adding some maple syrup to the recipe ingredients will make your homemade ice cream take a little bit like a maple creemee, If you've ever had one on a visit to Vermont, you know this flavor well!

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